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King Machine specializes in the manufacture of precision CNC machined parts and assemblies for the global aerospace industry. Our commitment at King Machine is to provide customers exemplary management of programs to ensure sustained performance in quality, delivery, and cost.



Located in Mukilteo, Washington about 20 miles north of Seattle.

Our 26,000 square foot facility provides milling, turning, and assembly capability to aerospace customers worldwide.



A team of skilled technicians supported by an experienced management group make the difference when developing and delivering quality products on time at the best value.

King Machine's "Management Team" has been in the Aerospace Industry for over 30 years manufacturing machined parts and assemblies.  Our focus on Quality, Delivery, and Customer Satisfaction has a proven record.  Keys to our success are establishing strong customer relationships, valued employees, use of technology, and continuous improvement through use of lean manufacturing principles.



King Machine is a supplier of precision machined parts and assemblies to the global aerospace industry.




King Machine is committed to the highest ethical standards and to conducting its business with the highest level of integrity, honesty, fairness, accountability and respect in dealing with its employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the general public.

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